Our fare rates

Order price0,00€
Initial fare0,58€
1 km daytime trip0,69€
1 km nighttime trip0,69€
1 km outside the city0,69€
1 min. of waiting time0,23€
Minimum fare3,00€

Short about us

Autopunkto taxi was founded 1996 and we are the oldest company providing taxi services in Klaipeda. For so many years the people in Klaipeda trust us and use our taxi service in the city and around. Our goal is to be trusted as the number 1 taxi company in Klaipėda. We are one of the biggest taxi service in the city with about 50 cabs working around the hour. Most of our drivers are doing this job with pleasure for almost whole of their life and gained huge experience. We cooperate with many companies and help them to transfer their staff through the city and to most airports around.
We give our best to remain the leading taxi company in Klapeda!


"Always using Autopunkto taksi, already know most of the drivers and I am satisfied with the service. Only the best feedback."

- Jurga (regular customer)

"After ordering they arrive fast, know the city, the cars are in good condition. Main thing - prices are very fair."

- Andrius (resident)

"Not the first year I'm ordering my taxi via 846 311 211 without any complaints. Drivers are normal, fares are suitable. What do you need more from a taxi company?"

- Audra (customer)

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